MH Partners has signed the Guide Against Greenwashing

av | aug 18, 2021 | News

We are committed to follow these principles on behalf of MH Partners and to assist clients in creating shared values for themselves and the society. We encourage you to sign these principles here. Over 200 Norwegian companies have already done so.

Skift and partners have launched a guide with ten principles for businesses to avoid the common pitfalls of greenwashing at

Greenwashing is detrimental to both business and the common effort to avert the climate crisis, claims Skift – Business Climate Leaders. Their call to action is supported by other business networks, as well as former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman, and the President of European Parliament Environment Committee, Pascal Canfin.

MH Partners has adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals 13 Climate change, 14 Life below water and 17 Partnership for the goals. Signing the Guide Against Greenwashing is one initiative to bring these goals into practice.    

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Cecilie Koch Hatlebrekke

Cecilie Koch Hatlebrekke

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