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As we approach the holidays, we have reflected on 2021. Since we are fans of honest conversations rather than just glossy posts, we’ll share our top 3 Wins and Challenges for 2021:
Contributing to making businesses more sustainable is extremely rewarding.
Expanding into new industries and working closely with different companies has really expanded our perspective.
Getting to know new people sharing our passion is such an energizer.
It takes longer to build a new business than you would think.
Being your own IT / accounting / HR and communications department is really something else.
Lockdown and pandemics are shit when you are a small business.
2022 is just around the corner! We are ready for more Wins and tackling those Challenges head on. For the ones who share our vision for sustainable business, let’s do this!

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Linda Rudolfsen Myklebust

Linda Rudolfsen Myklebust

Experienced lawyer, board member and business leader. Founder and managing partner of MH Partners working with clients to operationalize legal and sustainability aspects in integrated and innovative ways.

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